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The following chart depicts the flow of "chi" or "etheric forces" through the meridians during the course of the 24 hour cycle.


The way to understand the 24 hour cycle of "chi"flow through the meridians is that there is what I will call a "leading wave" or "front" of the flow which is focused in the relevant meridian at any particular 2 hour period throughout the the course of the day (obviously chi is flowing through the all the meridians at all times).

This is very helpful information in diagnosis.

For what is happening as the chi is "focused" in a particular meridian, is that it is strengthening and vitalising the organ associated with meridian. It is the case with most people today that one or more of the paired organs are in a toxic state, so that when the chi is focused on a particular organ, then the toxic organ or organs begin to get cleansed. This cleaning is marked as the body manifesting "discharges".

The discharge symptoms vary including one or more of the following: nausea, coughing, fever, aches and pains, chills, sore throat and fatigue.

The significance of knowing the daily meridian cycle is that if we experience one or more of these symptoms during the same time frame every day, then, depending on what time of day they occur, we can identify the paired organs using the chart.

Once we have identified the organs then we can use the knowledge provided in the Healing with The Seasons pages to find which foods we can use to help strengthen those organs and the tissues associated with them.

For example, one common experience is that people with kidney/bladder toxicity and weakness often find that they feel fine most of the day but come 4 o'clock in the afternoon, they suddenly feel very tired and, so to speak, "hit the wall". Then the need some kind of quick "fix-me-up" in the form of coffee and doughnuts. I understand that this is a very common experience in the business world and is called "The Office Blues" or "The Four o'Clock Blues".

Another common experience is for people to go to bed around 10-11 o'clock and every night to wake up feeling somewhat queasy, often accompanied with coughing, around 1-2 AM, and cannot get back to sleep for an hour or more, often not until 4 AM. This signifies the liver/gall bladder is toxic and needs help.

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