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Born 11/2/47, Kitale, Kenya. Grew up in Kenya until sent to school in England at age 14.
Died, 2/09/2020, Carson City, Nevada.


1956-61: Gilgil Preparatory School, Gilgil, Kenya.
1961-66: St. Bees School, Cumberland, England.
1966-71: University of Liverpool, School of Veterinary Medicine and Science; awarded Degree of Bachelor of Veterinary Science (B.V.Sc.)
1979-80: Kushi Institute, Brookline, Mass. Study of Macrobiotic principles, arts and practices, Levels 1-3 and Advanced Study and Training Level.


1971-79: Assistant Veterinary Surgeon, United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.. 1980: Head Chef, Open Sesame Macrobiotic Restaurant, Brookline, Mass. Also worked in the Kushi Institute Lunch Program as Head Chef. Was responsible for planning, and cooking a Michio Kushi Week-end Seminar attended by 150 people in Boston.
1981: Relocated to California, the Bay Area, inspired by a dream of the Transamerica Building. 1981-84: Security Guard worked for American Protective Services, Oakland.
1982: Began macrobiotic activities with wife, Pat, by offering a Sunday night dinner in their apartment in Berkeley; in a few months this developed into the people coming to the dinners asking for macrobiotic counseling; from these developed cooking classes once a week and as these activities grew it became apparent we could support ourselves through them. Kaare quit the security guard job in March 1984.

During this time, in 1983, potlucks also developed out of the Sunday night dinners and here became voiced the need for a community center. After ten weeks of fruitless discussion in the spring of 1983, we decided to simply rent a place and put on a dinner and lecture. This occurred on June 24th 1983, attended by thirty people. Thereafter we continued with these until in September it became apparent that support for these once weekly dinners was dwindling so they were stopped.

Soon after, Joel Huckins, who had been regularly coming to the Sunday night dinners, approached Kaare during one of these dinners and said, "We need a center", and Kaare replied, "That's right, Joel, go and find one." On October 3rd, Joel called and said he had found the place and Kaare and Pat drove down there to check it out and approved the place. The address was 1050 40th street, Oakland, CA. That is how the Organic Cafe and Macrobiotic Center got started, opening its doors, after much cleaning with help from several members of the community, on November 13, 1983.

Kaare worked at the Macrobiotic Center for three years cooking dinners and brunches, approximately once a week from 1983 until 1986, helping out occasionally in 1987. Pat worked there later. He began his regular bi-annual 12 lecture series in 1983 out of the apartment and then in 1984 at the Macrobiotic Community Center which continued until April 1993. He worked as data entry book-keeper for Joel Huckins from September 1989 -June 1991. He began working again at the Macrobiotic Center as Cashier(until February 1995) and Breakfast Cook from May 1994 until November 1995.

During this period he counselled over four thousand people with many and varied degenerative conditions including cancer, AIDS, arthritis, lupus, muscular dystrophy, candida, environmental illness, etc., etc. He has given over 285 cooking classes out of his and his wife's home since 1983. He has given seminars, workshops, cooking classes in Fairbanks, Alaska; Seattle, Washington; Reno, Nevada; Arnold, Greely, Sacramento, Modesto, Fresno, Los Gatos, Walnut Creek, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Campbell, Sebastopol, Marin, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Huntington Beach. He has taught macrobiotic classes at Vega Institute, Oroville; at French Meadows Summer Camp; at Three Creeks Summer Camp; at Mendocino Summer Camp(of which he was one of the founders and directors from 1989-1991), at the International Summer Camp on the East Coast; at Vista College and at the Fall Health Classics in Palm Springs, San Diego, Napa, and Malibu(1991-2002).

He co-published, with Bruce Donehower, a quarterly macrobiotic journal, 'News of the River' from 1982-1989. He has had articles published in 'East West Journal' and 'Macrobiotics Today' and he edited and wrote articles for the monthly Macrobiotic Center Newsletter, 'Macronews' from 1987-1991.
He has been Secretary of The Pacific Macrobiotic Conference, held bi-annually, since 1982 to the 2019. No longer being held due to COVID restrictions.

Since January 2002, author of the Alternatives Column in HEPATITIS Magazine, a national bi-monthly published in Houston, TX.

Music, reading, writing, sports and sports collectibles.


Previously married with two children, Marley and Gaia
Married to Patricia Bursell and have two children, Lief(1981) and Alrik(1985).
Began practicing macrobiotics in 1970, and anthroposophy in 1982.

To introduce and encourage macrobiotic dietary practice with the result to see it the bona fide and chosen way of eating in my community and the world.
To play a significant role in changing the current self-destructive course of the world to a positive, constructive and healthy ecological, medical, economic and social direction. And to promote an understanding of the universe a living spiritual totality.

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