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It is my intent to disseminate both macrobiotic and anthroposophic information. Anyone conversant with Anthroposophy will notice many anthroposophical ideas and themes and I quote from the work of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy. I have been studying Rudolf Steiner since 1982 and I am a member of The Anthroposophical Society since 1985. I do not wish to occasion any ire out of Anthroposophic circles by perhaps giving the impression this is an official web-site. In fact this web-site is endorsed by no-one and endorses nothing. It is simply put up because this information is sorely needed by the world and you can take and put it to use in your life if that is your wish.

The point I am making is that everything I have written should be taken in the spirit of "Non-Credo", which was originally stated by George Ohsawa, the person I call the modern re-discoverer of macrobiotic practices and principles. "Non-Credo" means we are open to any and all ideas, no matter how strange they may appear to us, only we do not believe any until and unless we have experienced and understood them ourselves. In regard, therefore, if you wish to avail yourself of any information or practices on this website or anyother source of information, be this is something you have to determine for yourself in being responsible for your actions before you decide to act.

Comments or questions can be sent to the address below as I check this address every few weeks. Please mention Alchemycal Pages in the subject line. Thank you. Patricia


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