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Constitutional Diagnosis /Facial Diagnosis/ Diagnosis3


(Part 2)

It is now January 2001, and we have had plenty of time to observe the features on the faces of many people where we live, and if you have been making these observations, of people's noses, mouths and lips, eyes, cheeks etc., you will no doubt have found it to be a fascinating study. Here is the illustration of the face of again:

So, with this 'topography of the internal organs' on the face in mind when we observe ourselves and other people, what do we look for?

The main feature we look for in any area of the face is swelling and/or tightness. I need to emphasize that the ability to do facial diagnosis is an art we need to practise daily in order to get good at. The main requirement for getting to be good at any art is practise, daily practise. Facial diagnosis as an art is relatively easy compared to other artistic pursuits, as the instrument required to perform this art is one of the most amazing artistic creations ever, your eyes. In order to develop facility in facial diagnosis we need to pay keen attention to the details revealed when we observe our or another person's face.

As we do this on a daily basis we begin to develop a "feel" for what is the "normal" so that we can gradually discern when a particular area of the face is puffy and swollen, or tight and drawn.

Using the map of the face, wherever we see an area that is puffy and swollen, this signifies the organ corresponding to the area is swollen and enlarged. For example, if we notice that the tip of the nose, which corresponds to the heart, is swollen and expanded, then this means the heart is swollen and expanded.

In terms of yin and yang, puffy and swollen is the result of too much yin, and tightness and drawn in is from too much yang. Too much yin and yang what, you may ask? The foods and liquids ingested on a daily basis and to learn what foods are more yin and what foods are more yang, go to the Introduction and look at the "Spectrum of Human Foods" there.

One area of the face that is important to note is that under the eyes. Looking closely at every human being under the eyes, you will notice a thin line etched in the skin drawn from the corner of the eye down and outward toward the periphery of the eye. The area above this line, between it and the eye itself, corresponds to the kidney - left eye, left kidney, right eye, right kidney. Below this line is the area which corresponds to what I call "general intestinal condition", underneath both eyes, below the line etched in the skin.

This actually all we need to learn, for all practical purposes: whether a person's facial features are more puffy and swollen, or tight and contracted, as this means their overall condition is either too yin or too yang. Once we know this then we simply start eating a daily dietary intake which eliminates the excesses and extremes, and start eating cooked whole grains and vegetables, seaweeds, and miso soup and there are many pages in The Alchemycal Pages where you can get this information.

One extremely important point about the macrobiotic approach to healing is that it is NOT a medicine, and has absolutely nothing to do with any medicine of any description, whether ancient or modern, east or west, north or south. Really. Macrobiotics is so far superior to any possible medicine that it would be possible for the human intellect to devise that it is unseemly to even mention the word medicine in the same breath as macrobiotics. Please understand this - macrobiotics is so superior to any possible medicine already or yet to be devised by the human intellect that it is a gross misunderstanding and misrepresentation of macrobiotics to even use the word medicine in the context of healing.

This is, "in truth, certainly, and without a doubt" (Hermes Trismesgistus - The Emerald Tablet), due to the undeniable fact, to anyone who actually paying attention, that the human organism is a work of artistic spiritual creation into which the capacities for it's self-healing are worked into the basic texture of the organism. This is so because the "wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche) and it is utter folly to imagine that the human intellect divorced and sundered as it is today from the wisdom of the heart is anything but a clever trickster with an infinite capacity to deceive itself into thinking it actually knows anything. And we are living in time today in which we demonstrate every day on all corners of the globe that we are undoubtedly the most pig ignorant humanity that has ever existed - and this is actually an insult to pigs, who undoubtedly know a great deal more than the we do! So, my apologies to the porcine soul if I have offended you.

And what of the human intellect married to the wisdom of the heart? If, in this happy state, one observes the human organism, one can only get down one's knees and offer up one's reverence and devotion to the Spiritual Beings - the Spirits of Wisdom, The Spirits of Form, The Spirits of Fire, The Spirits of Movement, to name a few - who are the one's responsible for fashioning the human organism. And they are doing this every second of every day. Thus we do NOT mess with it, knowing our ignorance is profound in the face of this deep wisdom, which has brought the human organism in respect of physicality, to the peak of its possible perfection. The human physical sheath or body is today a stunning artistic, spiritual creation, completely awesome in its workings down to the very last detail.

Anyone who imagines that the human physical organism is made up of atoms and cells which function according to the laws of physics and chemistry is seriously mad, mentally ill. Since the WHOLE WORLD suffers under this cretinous delusion we can only but admit that there is a currently ongoing and has been for several decades a mass epidemic of profound human insanity - and this will only increase as time goes on. In short, the human species is currently digging its own grave, and the very efficient tool, the broad and powerful shovel which is being used to dig our grave daily is.... modern scientific thinking. In so many words, modern scientific thinking is a mental illness!

It is hard to tell whether looking at life through test-tube eyes and microscope fingers is the result or cause of this mental debility.

So, enough of that, let me get back to the subject I am discussing, facial diagnosis.

Thus, we are NOT doing diagnosis in order to devise a TREATMENT for a particular organ or condition. What we are doing is determining whether our condition is more yin or more yang, and whether our constitution is more yin or yang. We then use the general recommendations I have on the Constitutional Diagnosis page (link at the top of the page) to arrange our dietary intake and we start on our macrobiotic journey of self-healing.

If we want to fine tune our diet - and really, this is not necessary for at least two or three years, then we can use the particular areas of the face where we specifically see swelling and or contraction to identify which organs need more help. Having identified these, we then go to the Healing With The Seasons pages where I have details on the different paired organs and which foods, grains and vegetables, support these organs, along with menus for each of the five paired organs.

Then we can look for spots and blemishes on the skin of the face. These mean that wherever they are located on the face, the particular organ that corresponds to that area is undergoing a detoxification or discharge, or, if the blemish is chronic or longstanding, like a mole, it means that there is a stagnated area on that organ that has been there for a long time, since the blemish first appeared. In the case of moles, these signify gatherings of stagnated animal protein in the organ in question.

For example, if the mole is found between the eyes, this means the gathering of stagnated and toxic animal protein is in the liver. One common place where you often see this mole, and it is ironically referred to as a "beauty mark", is on women on the area corresponding to the ovaries. So, this means the ovary is seriously stagnated and that women have female organ problems who have this particular "beauty mark".

Generally, we have white, black, brown, yellow and red spots emerging on the skin. White spots mean excess dairy - milk and cream, ice cream, butter, whereas yellow means cheese. Black means toxic heavy metals, brown/dark brown means animal protein, and red means any kind of refined sugar - glucose, fructose, lactose, etc.

Now, when we are talking about discolorations of the skin in distinction to the spots, they have a different signification. These discolorations are red, blue/black, white or pale, yellow and yellow-red. They signify - irrespective of where they show up on the face - that the organs corresponding to these colors are under duress.

Red signifies heart/small intestine; blue/black signifies kidney/bladder; white/pale signifies lungs/large intestine; yellow signifies liver/gall bladder; and reddish-yellow signifies spleen-pancreas/stomach.

Thus, wherever these show up on the face it signifies those organs are under stress. For example, of we have blue discoloration of the skin in the area corresponding to the stomach, this means both the stomach AND the kidneys are in a toxic condition.

A very common example is the blue/dark circles people have around their eyes. These mean the kidneys are under considerable stress.

The green color is a special case. Now, when you see this green color, for it to carry the meaning it signifies, the discloration must be clearly green and stand out well demarcated on the skin. If this is the case, this clearly demarcated green discoloration signifies that the organ corresponding to the area where it shows up is cancerous.

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