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The chart is based on the fact that one passage of the earth around the sun takes 12 months and completes one cycle. The incarnation of a soul from the time of conception until birth takes 9 months. It is also considered here that under normal circumstances the womb of our mother is the perfect environment for the growth and development of the foetus.

Thus it is inevitable that we spend the last three months outside our mother's womb, a less than perfect environment compared to the womb, which the cycle needs to come to completion. The practical consequence of this fact is that those paired organ/s which are still undergoing the completion of their development during the three months remaining from the time we are born to the completion of the cycle are our weakest organs.

Thus we are all born with these weaker organs. The way to determine which are our weakest organs is to take our date of birth from the above chart and those organs corresponding to the dates which run three months from this date are our weaker organs. (In the southern hemisphere, the organs corersponding to these dates will be opposite to that depicted here)

For example, my date of birth is November 2nd. and I was born in a place, Kitale, Kenya, which is 1 degree North of the Equator. This day lies right in the middle of the Fall Season. The organs corresponding to the Fall are the lungs/large intestines. In my case, the three month period also runs a month and a half into Winter, the season of the kidneys/bladder. Thus, since the period my kidneys/bladder were still undergoing the completion of their development is the farthest from my birth date, these are weaker than my lungs/large intestine, which are also weak to a degree.

Needless to say, this has been the case in my experience, pre-macrobiotic living and after, if I do have any symptoms of detoxification.

The importance of this data for everyone is that if we are going to live a life which includes being unaware of macrobiotic principles and their practical application (for everyone DOES live macrobiotically, whether they are aware of it or not, this is simply a fact of existence), then this lack of awareness generally means a pattern of the haphazard eating of foods and non-foods which are extreme relative to the dynamics of the human organism in terms of yin and yang.

The result of this unconscious manner of eating, which is generally widespread throughout the world, is that the extremes will show up first in our weaker organs. To put it another way, we can be sure that whatever our medical history is, our weaker organs lie at the base of all our history of symptoms.

In my experience of counseling these past 20 years, which starts with me obtaining the date of birth as the first piece of information I ask for, this pretty well tells me all I need to know 99% of the time. Of course, although the knowledge of the birth chart cycle is extremely valuable and important I do not mean to suggest that it is all we need to know our condition, which is why I have left it out of my discourse on self-diagnosis until now.

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