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MARCH 2001.


The problem of conditions of the skin is, one the one hand, a life of untold misery and suffering for hundreds of millions of people, and on the other, a multi-billion dollar industry, world-wide. If we pause to look at the array and amount of so-called skin-care products that are sold, like grocery stores, drug stores, malls, skin clinics, natural food stores and hospitals, with every imaginable type of skin lotion, potion, powder, solvent, shampoo, for every imaginable type of skin condition, it simply boggles the mind.

I have seen figures which indicate there are literally thousands of different skin conditions identified. A short list, off the top of my head, include rashes, warts, bunions, moles, impetigo, psoriasis, dandruff, acne, pimples, zits, eczema, itching, athlete's foot, skin cancer, dry skin, rough skin, wet skin, and so forth and so on.

A few years ago I did some research on problems of the skin and one of the sources was a series of articles in Vogue magazine dedicated to this one topic, as, obviously, the condition of their skin is a very important to models, actors and actresses, and is a major concern to both women and men who want to look good.

It was very interesting reading as it was obvious to me that no-one interviewed in the series of articles or the authors of the pieces had the foggiest idea of what causes skin problems. The most glaring example of the lack of understanding came from one world-renowned skin specialist who emphatically denied that diet had anything to do with the problem!

A word to the wise here, whenever you see written in regard of any illness or condition that it is thought to be genetic, then you know for sure that the people making these statements are clueless. The word genetic is simply an admission of ignorance, as in " we do not know".

If you have been thoroughly studying all the information I have placed here on "The Alchemycal Pages" you will already understand what skin problems are and how they are caused, but for those of you who have not been studying all the material or are newcomers to the site, here is the explanation.

If the eyes are windows to the soul, then the condition of the skin is the window to the condition of the internal organs of the body. There is no better indicator for knowing a person's internal condition than the state of the skin

So, what is the skin exactly? It is ONE organ which encloses the body, internally and externally. This is to say, if we examine it closely we will notice the skin covers the body and then continues into the mouth and oral cavity, tongue, down through the throat, the bronchiole tubes, the internal lining of the lungs, esophagus, stomach, duodenum, small intestine, large intestine, rectum and finally emerges at the anus to become the external skin again.

This one organ is what encloses the internal organs and tissues in "le milieu interior", WHICH FUNCTIONS IN A MANNER UNKNOWN TO MODERN SCIENCE. This "internal cosmos" or "microcosmic" interior of the human organism is completely unknown to modern science, other than the outward, "mineral ghost" known to anatomy.

It is really hard to convey the enormity of the error constantly made in countless thousands of research laboratories all over the world by hundreds of thousands of research scientists and technicians, everyday, and these past 100 years.

This error consists in the assumption that the internal organism of the plant, animal or human being functions just like a chemical in a retort or test-tube, according to the laws of chemistry and physics and mathematics. The internal environment of any living being is NOT the same as the physical environment we live in and on everyday.

Thus, taking a sample from any living organism and placing it in a test tube or under a microscope means that we have removed it from its normal CONTEXT into one that is meaningless with regard to understanding how it NORMALLY functions. In essence, this removal of a piece of tissue and preparing it so that it can be examined under a microscope or put with some chemical reagent to see how it behaves and then doing tests with it is as absurd as saying - I want to study the Polar Bear and in order to do so I am going to take it from the Arctic and study how it lives in the Sahara Desert!!

Naturally, we cannot study the life cycle of the Polar Bear in the Sahara Desert, as this is not its natural habitat, and it will soon die if exposed to the desert climate.

Thus, exposing any tissue of internal environment of the human(plant or animal) organism to the unnatural environment of the test-tube, retort or under the microscope means we are no longer studying REALITY. We need entirely different methods than those currently found acceptable to study REALITY.

What has resulted from the currently accepted methods of scientific research is the schematic elaboration of a convenient fabrication. It is convenient since it places no demands on the researcher or scientist having to do any self- examination. Simply go along with the things are done and remain "comfortably numb" - after all, what is all this research being done for? - simply to pick up a paycheck and gain recognition.

It is a fabrication, a fable or fiction, since it has no possibility of offering any kind of satisfying solution to the problems which the research is being done to solve - and the scientific evidence is staggeringly overwhelming that modern scientific methodology is completely inadequate as a means of solving these problems. However, it also convenient to ignore the scientific evidence which demonstrates this!

So, skin problems, among many others, cannot be properly addressed using modern medical science. Well, of course, we can buy and use all kinds of palliatives which offer relief for people who have developed chronic skin conditions such as lotions etc.

However, these merely act to "cover-up" the skin problem.

It is necessary to understand that skin conditions of every kind signify that the body is seeking to excrete waste products through the skin because the organs which normally perform this function are tired, weak and stagnated.

These organs are, in order of importance, large intestines, lungs, kidneys, bladder, liver and gall bladder.
Therefore we have to eat and live in the manner which will allow for the cleansing and detoxification of these organs. We accomplish this by adopting our macrobiotic dietary habits and doing the Ginger Compress regimen on our abdomen as described.

Another useful skin cleanser for women only is the Daikon Hip Bath, a description of which you will find in the discussion on Breast Cancer.

Now, of course, we may need to treat these skin conditions topically while we are changing over to a macrobiotic dietary regimen. To get information on these I recommend you get, "The Book of Home Remedies" by Michio Kushi (Japan Publications) and/or "Healing Yourself from Head to Toe" by Herman and Cornellia Aihara (Avery Publishing).

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