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JULY 2000


AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is very much in the news these past few years, since it was first discovered in the late seventies and early eighties. From the perspective of the dynamics of disease symptomology, the syndrome appears to be a concatenation of the six stages of disease. In other words, the symptomology of AIDS is such that it shows symptoms of every stage of disease in the one disease, which is a very interesting observation.

From what was said above about the sixth stage of the dynamics of disease, AIDS is not caused by human immunodeficiency virus, or any other virus.

The scientific world is not really interested in catching on to this reality, (long maintained by a virologist, Peter Duesberg of UC Berkeley) although reports in the September 26th 1991 issue of Nature cast serious doubt upon the efficaciousness of the viral theory in AIDS. It doesn't take a genius to realise why the scientific community is hostile toward any ideas about AIDS which do not involve blaming it on a virus, or gene, for that matter. I won't insult your intelligence by giving you the reason.

AIDS means Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, which means the Immune System has become deficient in its functioning. In my opinion, the immune system consists of the spleen, kidneys, liver, white blood cells/lymphatic circulation and the large intestine. We can readily understand, from the description of the process of disease these organs become damaged and dysfunctional after many years of eating a diet based on modern foods to the point that the normal functions of immunity are compromised, and the symptoms of AIDS develop. AIDS is by no means having the catastrophic effect on the world population that cancer has had, and continues to have (e.g., from 1981-1991, 500 thousand people died of AIDS worldwide; that is how many people die of cancer in one year in the United States alone!). A more detailed account of Aids can be found here along with some interesting history: MORE ON AIDS


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