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Laughing With Doomsday or Work on what has beem Spoiled was written in the mid 1980's, revised and edited before Kaare's death, and published afterwards. The book describes only some of the ways our current society and the earth are in dire circumstances and gives practical suggestions to begin to help our society and our to environment recover. To learn more about the book check on his book website

Kaare Bursell


"THE END OF MEDICINE is a classic macrobiotic text" - Michael Bauce.

"A brilliant introduction" - Lisa Valentine.

"I get more out of it each time I read it" - Ilanit Tof.


My book, The End Of Medicine, is written to describe in detail how and why the Large Intestine is the "root organ" of all disease, and all the many, many symptoms of Metal Disease (LargeIntestine/Lungs) are chronicled in the chapter on Diagnosis in The End of Medicine. In order to be fair to all concerned - purchasers of the book who do not haveweb access, and visitors to The Alchemycal Pages, I am not putting all the details in the book on the website . (If you think I am being unfair in not putting all the details here,consider that I am providing the information on The Alchemycal Pages for free (since June1996), which costs me 480 dollars a year plus the many, many hours of time put into adding to and maintaining the website, plus answering and giving advice to people who e-mail me, also free). In the book, Chapters 2, 6, 8-11 are taken from pages on the site and have been modified and some minor changes made. Chapters 1, 3-5, 7 and 12 and the Bibliography are not on the website). So, if you are a frequent visitor to The Alchemycal Pages, I urge you to consider buying the book in order to get a fuller picture.

To emphasize why I think you will be doing yourself a service buying The End of Medicine, consider the following:

I have been involved in the quest to discover the origin, source, reasons, meaning etc., of disease since I was 16 years old. In the course of my quest I attended the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science of The University of Liverpool, from where I graduated in 1971, with the Degree of Bachelor of Veterinary Science. I then entered into the employment of Assistant Veterinary Surgeon and Clinician in Large Animal Practice in various veterinary clinics and practices throughout the United Kingdom for 7 years. It was during this period that I discovered macrobiotics.

At that time, 1975, I was 28 years old and suffering various chronic physical and psychological ailments - chronic painful lower back, sciatica such that some mornings I couldn't even get out of bed I was in so much pain, insomnia, depression, worry, fatigue, and was grossly overweight(200 lbs). And it was within three weeks of starting my macrobiotic life that all these symptoms began to disappear. Now, 25 years later, at the age of 53, I have been pain free the entire time, I have boundless vitality, enthusiasm, sleep like a baby, I weigh 130 lbs.

It was while I was practicing veterinary medicine and surgery while at the same time starting my macrobiotic life that I discovered that modern scientific medicine doesn't have a clue about either disease or health. Now, since I started living macrobiotically I have never seen a doctor, I do not have a doctor because I am my own physician, I do not have health insurance and I do not belong to any so-called Health (Disease) Maintenance Organisation.

In other words, I am independent and free of all the bogus scientific gobbledygook and modern medical propaganda masquerading as medicine today, as a result of living macrobiotically.

I went to the Kushi Institute in Brookline, Mass, in 1979. Then I came to the San Francisco Bay Area with my wife in 1981. Since 1982 I have been doing macrobiotic educational counseling and in that time I have personally counseled thousands of people and seen them heal of every known symptomology of the one disease we are all subject to. These symptomologies include, to name a few, AIDS, arthritis, asthma, allergies, endometriosis, chronic nephritis, breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, brain cancer, candididiasis, hepatitis B and C, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, multiple sclerosis, leukemia, tinnitis, diabetes and lupus.

Now, I have also seen people with these conditions NOT heal themselves, so there can be no question of macrobiotic living (or any other approach) being a cure for any disease symptomology. Therefore, if you choose to start living macrobiotically then you can expect it to be a difficult and exhilarating path on the way to health.

The End of Medicine gives you a map, a compass and shows you how to start walking on this path. However, the map is not the territory, you have to learn how to use the compass (yin and yang) and you have to do the walking. This is to say, there are no guarantees offered




(How I learned to quit worrying and love my disease).


"Life is a well of delight,

but to him in whom the ruined stomach speaketh,

the father of affliction,

all wells are poisoned."

Friedrich Nietzsche- Thus Spake Zarathustra.


1. Introduction.

2. The Dynamics of Healing/Disease.

3. Digestion.

4. Blood Alchemy.

5. Diagnosis.

6. The Ginger Compress.

7. Interlude.

8. General Dietary Recommendations.

9. Principles of Yin and Yang.

10. On the Way of a Macrobiotic Dietary Practice.

11. On Healing.

12. Getting started.



192 pp. 8.5 x11.



Cooking Class Videos can be requested for cost of production and shipping or viewed on Utube for free. Eventually all will

be available there on and on this website.

I have around thirty eight 2 hour cooking class videos. These are taped live, so there is no editing,

proofreading, etc., what I did and discussed is what you see and hear. The subject matter discussed, in

addition to the practical matter of cooking the meal in the classes is totally spontaneous. All subjects, issues,

and matters discussed are from an anthroposophical and/or macrobiotic perspective and often start with a

question by a student in the class. The classes are for beginners to macrobiotic cooking and include showing

how and why the meals were prepared and the discussions range from spiritual to philosophical to technical.

Each class is done according to the season, so throughout the course of the year there are classes on Spring,

Summer, Late Summer, Fall and Winter Cooking.


Thus, any Spring Class video emphasizes cooking for Liver/Gall Bladder; any Summer Class video for

Heart/Small Intestine; any Late Summer Class video for Stomach/Spleen-Pancreas; any Fall Class video for

Lungs/Large Intestine and Winter Class video for Kidneys/Bladder.


Each cooking class shows a demonstration of a soup, grain dish, vegetable dish, leafy green and dessert.




I have a set of 12 Audio Tapes of lectures.

These lectures were taped in 1993 and they hold up well.

The plan is to make them available online for free listening

sometime in the future.



Twelve Lectures by Kaare Bursell

Lecture 1. The Unifying Principle and Yin and Yang.

One of the most important conceptual tools for the practice of macrobiotics. Since everything changes,

including one's condition, it is important to understand yin and yang so that one can maintain one's health and

vitality at all ages and in all climates and seasons.


Lecture 2. The Five Transformations.

Another important conceptual tool that is also eminently practical and also necessary to understand if one is

going to practice macrobiotics.


Lecture 3. The Spiral of Change.

How to see the various stages and dynamics of growth and development of any process, be it human

development, the growth of a plant, our practice of macrobiotics, of civilizations etc.


Lecture 4. The Human Being is a Spiritual Being.

Exploring the interconnectedness of the physical, etheric, and soul "bodies" of the human being and their

relevance to a healthy individual and social organism.


Lecture 5. Blood Alchemy and Digestion.

Explains the radical macrobiotic theory of digestion as the transformation of food into blood and how it relates

to disease, health and healing.


Lecture 6. A Macrobiotic approach to Health and Disease.

The large overview of the relationship of disease to an imbalanced way of life and how to consciously recover a

balanced way of life and how and why that can lead to revitalization, regeneration and recovery on all levels.


Lecture 7. Sex, Procreation, Birth Control and Overpopulation in relation to the practice of


A talk on the process of procreation as it relates to the physical, ethical and spiritual condition of the individual

in our society in relation to the state of the soil in the practice of agriculture. The resulting condition of the food

thus produced and its effects on the sexual activity of the population.


Lecture 8. Constitutional Diagnosis.

How to interpret your constitution as an aid to fulfilling your destiny.


Lecture 9. Conditional Diagnosis.

How to interpret your facial features as an aid to knowing the condition of your internal organs.


Lecture 10. Spiral of History.

A look at the history of humanity from 10,000 B.C. to the present to understand the forces that have permeated

the historical process and what it suggests as possibilities for the next 1000-2000 years.


Lecture 11. The Spiritual Development of Humanity.

An account of the spiritual development of humanity based on Rudolf Steiner's An Outline of Occult Science.


Lecture 12. Lucifer and Ahriman.

A description and account of the active spiritual counter forces to the fulfillment of the true destiny of humanity

and the earth.


The lecture series is most useful as a series but each lecture is designed to be complete unto itself.

The series may be viewed as a twelve-faceted whole giving a relatively clear indication of the nature and spirit

of a 21st Century approach to healing yourself and the world..


Purchases, comments or questions can be sent to the address below as I check this address every few weeks. Please mention Alchemycal Pages in the subject line. Thank you. Patricia

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