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It is my intent to build up this page into a comprehensive resource directory for both macrobiotic and anthroposophic endeavours. Anyone conversant with Anthroposophy will notice many anthroposophical ideas and themes and I quote from the work of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy, for I have been studying Rudolf Steiner since 1982 and I am a member of The Anthroposophical Society since 1985. I do not wish to occasion any ire out of Anthroposophic circles by perhaps giving the impression this is an official web-site. In fact this web-site is endorsed by no-one and endorses nothing. It is simply put up because this information is sorely needed by the world and you can take and put it to use in your life if that is your wish.

The point I am making is that everything I have written should be taken in the spirit of "Non-Credo", which was originally stated by George Ohsawa, the person I call the modern re-discoverer of macrobiotic practices and principles. "Non-Credo" means we are open to any and all ideas, no matter how strange they may appear to us, only we do not believe any until and unless we have experienced and understood them ourselves. In regard, therefore, of the people who may come to have their names and services listed here, this does not mean they are thereby 'certified' or 'endorsed' or that even they are necessarily any good at what they profess. So, if you wish to avail yourself of their services this is something you have to determine for yourself in being responsible for your actions before you decide to act.
If you have a macrobiotic or anthroposophic organization or service you would like to have listed here then you can either e-mail or write me with the relevant information. The listing is free of charge.




Since placing The Alchemycal Pages on the Web on June 6th, 1996 I have submitted it to be linked to other sites. Those which have agreed to so do have asked me in turn to link their sites to The Alchemycal Pages:

Macrobiotics in Cleveland, Ohio - East West Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Directed by Bob Carr. Useful website for information and schecule of macrobiotic activities run by the center.

KIENTALERHOF - Centre for Wellbeing and Creativity located in Switzerland. Formerly The International Macrobiotic Institute.

Cell phone radiation is linked to cancer, click here and test your exposure

Go to this site to learm more about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation.

Discover a new art of living the macrobiotic way of life

This Florence and Gerard Wenker, a couple living in Switzerland with over 25 years experience in the macrobiotic way of life. The site is done in both French and English


ANAM Holistic Healing, Dowsing and Shamanic Practice Ireland

DESCRIPTION: Resources for holistics, dowsing, divining and shamanic healing land practices in Ireland - including therapies, courses, articles, holidays and sacred site guided tours.


Macrobiotic Center of Texas
Margaret Lawson
Counselor and Cooking Instructor
(Soon to have Macrobiotic Bed and Breakfast in north Texas)
Phone: 903-786-9100

Macrobiotics America Home Page - The website of David and Cindy Briscoe, formerly of the Vega Center, Oroville.

Rocky Mountain Macro Health & Awareness Center seeks Co-Founders. Opportunity to found a Health & Awareness Center in the majestic Rocky Mountains of North America, live there, and enjoy a lifestyle, with others, involvingalternative healing, energy, building, etc

HCV Global Foundation: The website of the Hepatitis C Virus Global Foundation. A resource for people who wish to explore other approaches to the epidemic sweeping the world (400 million worldwide currently infected with the virus). The website is only in its infancy. I, along with Bill Neall, publisher and editor of Macrobiotic Times are members of the Foundation's Active Working Group.

Macrobiotics UK - The premier website for macrobiotic information in the United Kingdom. Also has the first radio show featuring macrobiotic content on the internet interviewing macrobiotic practitioners. Co-host with Cybermacro of a 'live chat' every Sunday at 10.00 AM, Pacific Time.

Health Classics -The website of The Health Classics, begun in 1990, which take place twice a yearly, in the Summer and the Fall. They are 3-5 days of classes, lectures and workshops on alternative health and features many macrobiotic teachers including yours truly. Check out their site or my events page for the next one.

Cybermacro - This is a new macrobiotic website and this will link you to their discussion forum. There is also a 'live chat' in conjunction with Macrobiotics UK every Sunday at 10.00 AM Pacific Time.

Alternative Health Database

The folks here are in the process of building a complete and comprehensive searchable database of every alternative health-related site on the web, with both an alphabetical listing and search, a categorical listing and search, as well as a keyword/phrase search (with active links to any site in all relevant search returns). Check it out.

TRUE BALANCE: The webmistress, Diana Puls, has created a site with macrobiotic information which has a nice 'down-home' feel to it. She has asked to be linked in return for linking my site to hers. Enjoy. new site!

Mothers for Natural Law has put its petition for mandatory labeling of genetically altered foods on-line. Please click on the link and take a minute to fill out the petition.

Susi Cook: This is a macrobiotic website in Spanish. It is aesthetically very pleasing to the eye. It is easy to navigate around and is worth a checking out if you understand Spanish.

Carbondale Center for Macrobiotic Studies: This is a site put together by Fred Pulver, a long time practitioner and teacher of macrobiotics.

Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal :This is a macrobiotic resource worth checking out, put together by Chico Varatojo, who was at the Kushi Institute when I was there in 1979-80.

Macrobiotic Life : This is an excellent site dedicated to macrobiotic practice and study put together by Jim Caola.

I received notice from the people who put up this website as they liked my work and wanted to provide a link from their site to mine and I asked them if they wanted me to reciprocate, and they said yes, so here is a link to their site: :"Biology Teachers...Unplugged!"

Nine Star Ki

A macrobiotic network reference page; they have kindly added this site to theirs and I am reciprocating.

Alt-MEDMarket's Alternative Healthcare Index. These folks informed me they have added this site to their alternative medicine index and asked me to add their link to my link page:

Dream Time - This is a website has changed its focus from being a wesbite dedicated to prognostications on financial and world affairs to being a company focused on providing the highest quality e-commerce solutions.

Achoo - This is a large website maintained in Canada dedicated to providing information on the Internet in all matters pertaining to health, disease and medicine. It is very well arranged and is of particular interest to students of self-knowledge who need to understand human anatomy and physiology.

Macrobiotics Online - This is a large and growing page on the website of the Kushi Institute which provides links to all manner of other macrobiotic sites as well as sites relating to alternative medicine, allopathic medicine, human health, ecology, spirituality etc.

World Light - This is a site of World Light Publishing with an online bookstore, as well as articles and essays dedicated to new spirituality. It also has an Alternative Healers Directory.


Sher's Healthy Gourmet - Los Angeles Area

Giorgio's Whole Food Kitchen - Los Angeles Area

The Finest Organic Cuisine - Dallas.

International Macrobiotic Directory.

Macrobiotic Services in Marin.

Macrobiotics of Arizona.

Sher's Healthy Gourmet.

In the LOS ANGELES Area.

Daily Lunch and Dinner Take-out and Monthly Meal Service.

Sher's Healthy Gourmet prepares delicious, organic meals-to-go prepared according to macrobiotic principles.

Tel:310/472-3275. Fax:310/472-2126. e-mail:

Giorgio's Whole Food Kitchen

In The LOS ANGELES Area. We Make Meals easy for you or Someone You Love!

Giorgio's Whole Food Kitchen is the affordable solution to maintaining a healthy life style in a fast-paced metropolis. We make the time you cannot spare to prepare delicious meals that suit your need. This service is designed for dynamic and busy people, who care about the quality of their life. No sugar, no refined flour and no animal product are used.

Best of all..........all our product are 100% ORGANIC!

Vegan & Macrobiotic cooking. Customized hearty menus. Private cooking available. Daily pick-up, Mon-Fri. Don't wait for a special occasion.

Call (323) 936-1354.


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The Finest Organic Cuisine.

In The Dallas Area.

Ann Sheehan - Personal Macrobiotic Chef and Private Cooking Instructor.

Call 972/612-5512.

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International Macrobiotic Directory.

Bob Mattson, 1050 40th Street, Oakland, CA 94608. (510) 601-1763. $12.00 ($10.00 plus $2.00 p&p).

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Marin Macrobiotic Services.

PO Box 217, Fairfax, CA 94978. 415/454-5280. The services here are the work of Patricia Murray.

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Macrobiotics of Arizona.

David and Sharon Jackson.

Counselors, Teachers and Cooking Instructors.

General Information

520/776-8364. e-mail

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