Disease of The Month.

MARCH 1997 -Obesity


Kathy in December 1998 before starting macrobiotic living.

Winter of '98 saw me at my lowest ebb as the Xmas photo above depicts. I was grossly obese even although I was a vegetarian. I had a lot of ongoing health problems, none of which were life threatening but still added up to a life of pain and drugs. My gall bladder was removed when I was 30 yrs old and at that time no-one advised me to stop eating dairy produce, in fact I was told I must eat more of it because I was a vegetarian. My back had been x-rayed because of severe lower back pain and sciatica. Degenerative arthritis was the diagnosis and painkillers along with anti inflammatory drugs were prescribed. My pituitary gland over produces the hormone, prolactin, because of a condition called empty cells syndrome. This is a condition I was born with. Because of this the doctor said I would not be able to keep my weight under control unless I took the medicine prescribed for this condition. The medicine made me so ill I just had to live without it and so the pounds just kept piling on. My periods were very irregular and most months I was so ill and in pain I had to go to bed for a few days until I had finished bleeding. The bleeding was very heavy, and again I just kept swallowing those painkillers. I was weighing in at 260lbs

A couple of weeks prior to Xmas my husband Davie and I were in our local library (we were always reading self help books and books about alternative medicine) when I noticed a book which had a picture of a lovely piece of broccoli on the front of it. Now as broccoli is my favorite veggie it really caught my eye so I asked Davie if he wanted to read it. "We'll give it a try", he said and with those words our lives changed completely! Unfortunately I do not remember the name of this book but in it the author mentioned a ten day detox. which consisted of brown rice and vegetables. George Oshawa and macrobiotics was mentioned. Davie is an impetuous soul and promptly announced,"That is for us", and started searching the internet for more information. The first site he found was "The Alchemycal Pages" from which we took the dietary recommendations. There was so much information it seemed to be a daunting task. I am the pragmatic one so started phoning health food stores and organic farms and ordered "The Macrobiotic Way" by Michio Kushi. The next book I bought was "The Self Healing Cookbook" by Kristina Turner and I have to say it was this book which really helped me the most when I first started. I have read a lot of different books about macrobiotics since then and am learning all the time.

We had known for a long time that something was wrong in our lives. Davie had suffered from depression for years. Although his physical health appeared to be good he described each day as trying to wade through glue. A few weeks into the diet, and it was a diet at first, changes started to take place. The weight just started to melt away and all the symptoms of ill health just began to disappear. Davie's mind started to clear and there was a marked lessening of mood swings. By the time 6 months had gone by I was reading more about macrobiotics and had started doing ginger compresses also I was participating in the weekly macrobiotic chats on the Cybermacro website. This contact was vitally important for me as I had no counselors near and no support from family or friends. Within a year I had lost around 90lbs and the weight just kept dropping off. All the back pain disappeared and my periods became regular and pain free. More than this though Davie and I were able to think more clearly. I was always classed as a bit of a dumbhead, never really did much at school and it was like all these lights going on in my head. It is very difficult to describe but it was as if I suddenly discovered I had a brain, that I wasn't dumb after all!

To date I have lost 120lbs, my periods are still regular, pain free, my pituitary gland is functioning properly and I feel good! Macrobiotics started off as a diet for me but has become so much more, a way of life. We have found that you don't have to spend a fortune on the latest diets and slimming fads to lose weight and you don't have to visit spiritual gurus. Macrobiotics seems to have the effect of "unglueing" the thought processes and you start to see clearly. Macrobiotics acts like a physical, spiritual and mental solvent and sets you free. This is what macrobiotics has done for me.