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Modern Scientific Medicine

"scientific delirium madness"

{- 5D (Fifth Dimension) -The Byrds, 1966.}

"Humanity has been obliged to entangle itself in a web of error, so that, through having to disentangle ourselves, we may become free and independent".

Rudolf Steiner.

"Western Medicine...will eventually lead to the end of a civilization. ...What we are about to see is a most amusing, passionate and gripping tragedy; the fall of a grandiose civilization."

George Ohsawa.

The United States Health Data Statistics, 1990-1992, which are the latest I could find on the Web, are very interesting in that they indicate the degree to which the population of the United States is sick. They also indicate the lack of understanding of what disease is and how it arises, by both the population and the medical profession.

We can also add to these statistics the fact that one person dies of cancer every 58 seconds (1996) in the United States and the 4,000,000 persons in the United States have Hepatitis C Virus and 700, 000 have AIDS.

It is clear, then, that modern scientific medicine does not have any idea why disease occurs, what disease is, or what to do about it. The scientific medical evidence is overwhelming that this is so. It is therefore of singular interest to us to find out why modern scientific medicine is completely impotent in the face of disease, at best, and at worst, is a major driving force behind the appalling statistics of disease, both here in the United States and the rest of the world. To put it in other terms, in the "war against .....x......." (x- name your disease symptom here), it is glaringly obvious that this is no contest, .....x..... is winning it hands down.

The following is a Laundry List of the errors lying at the foundation of the edifice of modern scientific medicine. These errors explain with utmost clarity why modern scientific medicine is a bogus science, and why it has not, can not and will not solve the problem of disease. These errors are in the following domains:

A. Conceptual Errors.

B. Errors in Ideas & Philosophy.

C. Erroneous Practices.

#1. The human physical body is the Human Being.

The idea that the human being is what is presented to the sense organs, i.e., when we see someone we make the assumption that what we see with our eyes and touch with our hands, is the human being, is false. The physical body as seen by the eyes and touched by the hands is only one aspect of the human being, the outer form indicating we are in the presence of a human being, who, in addition to the physical body, is also constituted of etheric body, astral body and 'ego' . Any medicine or approach toward health and healing which does not take into account these additional three aspects of the human being is necessarily doomed to failure.

#2. a) Contracting a disease symptom is a random event bearing no relationship to the person who contracts the disease.

b) Person who has an illness is not responsible for their illness.

That these are both errors is fairly easy to understand. The erroneous idea that when a person develops an illness, that the illness bears no relationship to the person who has the illness, is really bizarre. Of course, it is also convenient for modern scientific medicine to say this, because it puts the person who is ill in the position of dependency on modern medicine, requiring him or her to rely on the opinion of the medical 'experts'. Insofar as a person relies on a medical expert, they are at the mercy of the medical system. And, of course that a person's illness has everything to to do with the way we think, feel, eat and live our day-to-day life; well, it is hardly surprising the clever modern scientific intellect cannot grasp this idea.

#3. Symptoms of disease is the disease.

It is fundamentally scientifically incorrect to say cancer, AIDS, arthritis, influenza, etc., are diseases. They are not diseases at all, but symptoms of the disease process. It therefore is a complete waste of time, money and effort to treat the symptoms without first addressing the cause(s) that initiate the disease process by the human organism. Furthermore, treating the symptoms of disease with the methods employed by modern scientific medicine is like trying to put out a fire by pouring gasoline on it.

#4. Treating the symptoms of the disease is treating the disease.

You hear the statement all the time "this condition is treatable" by modern medicine. Well, so what if it is treatable, any treatment protocol developed by modern scientific medicine is not going to do any good at all, except put money into the medical system, and, in effect, subsidize bad science. This subsidy is now the staggering sum, in the U.S., of at least (this is the 1996 figure) $1,200,000,000,000 per annum, 17% of the Gross Domestic Product.

#5. The Human Being is not a totality.

This is one of the most telling errors of modern medical science, and really shows it to be a science based on the inability to observe the human being at all. Modern medical science treats the human being as if a person is all cut up in into pieces which have no relationship to one another. Thus we have all kinds of specialists in medicine who are completely removed from having any knowledge of the intimate relationships occurring within the human organism such that what is occurring in one organ is influencing and has ramifications in other organs and tissues, and in the psychology of the person with an illness, or of the human organism's relationship with nature, such that what is occurring within the human organism is also occurring in nature. You will begin to gain an understanding of these relationships by referring to Healing With The Seasons.

#6 a.)Infectious organisms are the cause of infectious and other diseases

b.)Parasitical organisms are the cause of parasitical diseases.

Of course, these errors are the cause of the most devastating attacks on both nature and the human organism that it is possible to imagine. There is no doubt in my mind that modern scientific medicine has caused more damage to the human organism and the ecology than all the wars of history. I remember we were told as students in veterinary school in 1968 that we had to only use antibiotics as sparingly as possible as the problem of micro-organisms developing resistance to antibiotics was recognized then. And here we are thirty years later and the pharmaceutical companies are still looking for the silver bullet, the "baguette magique"! It was hardly surprising to learn at the last AIDS conference that the HIV has developed resistance to latest drug combination therapies used to treat AIDS - as if that wasn't totally predictable. Yet, we will look in vain for the medical system or pharmaceutical companies to own up to the delusion of the fabled 'silver bullet theory'.

#7. a.) The Human organism is made of atoms and molecules.

b.)The Human organism functions as an elaborate physico-chemical complex, obeying the laws of physics and chemistry.

These two are really staggeringly grotesque errors. The fact is that once any tissue or fluid is taken out of the human organism it bears only a tenuous relationship, if that, to what that tissue substance or fluid is inside the human organism. In other words, it is not possible by means of the methodology employed by modern science to have any idea at all about what goes on inside the human organism. Once you take a piece of liver or heart or intestine, or a sample of blood and put it under a microscope or subject it to chemical analysis, do we really believe we are studying the human being. This is an utterly absurd notion. It is not possible to justify the existence of the human organism by means of the laws of physics and chemistry; or, to put it another way, anyone can put all the laws of physics and chemistry together and they will find it impossible to come up with anything remotely resembling the human being.

There can be no better advice to give to all the medical research scientists in the world to further their understanding of disease and health than to say - unchain yourselves from your microscopes, turn off your computers, take your laboratory equipment to the recycling facility, give your laboratory facilities to the homeless, liberate your laboratory animals from these fetters on your mind, get outside, and start looking at the world around you and see the human being in living relation to the great world of nature.

# 8.) Disease is bad and has to be conquered.

Here we come to a fact that will stretch the credulity of the modern (scientific) mind to breaking point. Disease, far from being bad and evil and to be wiped out is actually one of the greatest gifts bestowed upon humanity by the wise gods and spirits. If you have looked at, studied, pored over and meditated upon what has been written in the Introduction you will come to realize that the symptoms of the disease indicate, and are confirmation of, the bodily processes whereby the body is healing itself. It therefore follows that any attempt to wipe out disease, if successful and taken to its logical conclusion, will wipe out humanity. It also therefore follows that the unconscious intent lying behind the methods employed by modern medical science is the destruction of humanity. This may be an unpalatable truth, it is a truth nonetheless, and, if taken seriously by you, will have a tremendously liberating effect upon your soul.

# 9.) Disease is a problem of technology and can be solved by technology.

This is an error of medical practice; we have seen that the human organism does not function according to the laws of physics and chemistry. It therefore makes no scientific sense to employ technological methods to deal with the symptoms of disease. In other words, any technology, be it physical, chemical or biotechnological, has absolutely no hope of solving the problem of disease or in dealing with the problems associated with disease.

#10.) Emotional states are the result of chemical changes in the body.

This is an error of blind science. As stated many times, the human organism is constituted of physical body, "etheric body", "astral body" and "ego". The astral body is the locus of our feelings and emotions. These are 'registered' in the physical body via the etheric body. That is to say, any of the feelings we have in our physical body are the result of the emotions and feelings occurring in our astral body. Thus, for example, what registers in the brain is the result of thinking, which occurs in the astral body; the brain is the sense organ for thoughts, not where thinking occurs. In the case of emotional states like depression, anxiety etc., then, it makes no sense to treat them with pharmaceutical drugs.

#11.) There is a genetic basis for disease and life.

Here is the ill-logical error of looking through a microscope taken to its most absurd conclusion. The concept of there being a genetic basis of life is unreality in extremis; like-wise there is no genetic basis for disease. As George Ohsawa once wrote, whenever you see the words 'genetic' or 'hereditary' it means " we don't know".

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