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I have recently been informed this condition is on an epidemic scale world wide, with 500,000,000 people expected to have the symptomology of this disease by the year 2000. I have personally counseled one person who had this disease and is now in great health and I recently met another who after less than a year on a macrobiotic diet is doing well.

To begin with our study of the symptomology of Hepatitis C Virus it as well to remind you if you have looked at the page Introduction you will find an account of the macrobiotic theory of disease where Stage 5 of the Process of Disease is the Stage of Chronic Blood Toxemia where all the various chronic infectious diseases show up and it is stated there macrobiotic theory does not recognize the Germ Theory as being a valid hypothesis for accounting for these disease symptomologies. On the contrary, viruses and bacteria are understood to be merely one of the presenting symptoms of persons who have these conditions, they are not the cause(s) of these conditions. For more discussion on this subject click on this link
It therefore does not help in any way to develop treatments for eliminating these organisms from the body.

The macrobiotic approach is to understand that through improper diet and lifestyle habits the physical body becomes intoxicated and the gradual build-up over the years of these toxins in the body lead to the internal environment becoming a suitable habitat for the germination and flourishing of various pathogenic organisms like viruses, which can come from sources external to the body and from within the body itself. For further discussion click on this link.

The following symptoms of Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Disease I obtained from a website called Emallis which was dedicated to providing information for people with HCV.

Symptoms :
1. 'Flu-like illness; alternate chills and fever (low grade) - L, Lu, LI
2. Stabbing pains in the liver region - L
3. Indigestion - LI
4. Irritable bowel syndrome- LI
5. Joint pains- LI
6. Fybromyalgia (severe muscle pain) - L
7. Vivid dreams, night sweats - L
8. Depression, mood swings, Seasonal Affective Disorder - L, LI, K
9. Chronic fatigue or sudden attacks of exhaustion - L, LI, K, Sp
10. Adverse reactions to alcohol - L
11. Abdominal bloating - LI
12. Frequent urination, often during the night - K
13. Loss of appetite - L
14. Aversion to fatty foods - L
15. Diarrhoea - LI, L
16. Mental fatigue, frequent or continuous headache - L, LI
17. Cognitive disfunction - LI
18. Poor sleep quality, not feeling rested after sleep - L
19. Chest pains, palpitations - H, Lu
20. Pronounced fluid retention - K, H
21. Puffy face, itchy skin - LI, Lu, K
22. Blood sugar irregularity - L, LI, P
23. Dizziness & peripheral vision problems, such as 'floaters' - L
24. Sleep dust in the eyes - L, K
25. Small red patterns of inflamed blood vessels known as 'Spider Naevi' - L
26. Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis - L, K, LI, Sp

Looking at these constellation of symptoms from a macrobiotic perspective it is evident that there is more than one organ involved. The letters after each symptom refer to the following organ(s) involvement with the symptoms: L-Liver, LI-Large Intestine; K-Kidneys; H-Heart; SP-Spleen; Lu-Lungs; P - Pancreas. Thus, all these organs are stagnated with build-up of toxins and these symptoms show the body is attempting to rid these organs of their toxicity.

The macrobiotic approach is therefore to change the dietary intake of the person with these symptoms to a macrobiotic dietary program for that person. As the dietary changes are made the body responds by detoxifying itself, revitalizing itself and regenerating dead tissue, thus making the internal body environment inhospitable to pathogenic organisms. Thus, the symptoms disappear as the body heals itself. For more information on the specific organs go to Water which is the first in a series of studies based on The Five Transformation Theory. From that page you will find the page on Wood and Fire. The Water organs are Kidney and Bladder, Wood organs are Liver and Gall Bladder and the Fire organs are the Heart and Small Intestine.

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